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A walk-in tub can be used for many different things, from safety tubs for the elderly, to therapeutic options for people with injuries. Walk in tubs are also used to assist the handicap as well.  A walk in style tub has a  front door which is easier for assistants to maneuver people in and out.  Talk to your sales rep and see which of these options could benefit you.

Chroma therapy!
Color has been instrumental in the diagnosis and treatment of illness for centuries, and since 1876, the usage of light waves to treat ailments in the mind and body has been called Chroma therapy. According to the therapy, individual wavelengths of light have different healing properties, and our LED lights cycle through most of the color spectrum to capitalize on this idea. We understand that not everyone accepts this alternative science method, but nonetheless, we promise that you’ll find the Chroma therapy LED lights a beautiful and relaxing experience from the otherworldly aura they create.

Heated Seat and Backrest.
The heated seat allows for added warmth for the lower back area for those with back pain or people that just like the relaxing feeling a heat on their back.

Thermostatic Control Valve.
Also known as anti-scalding faucets. The purpose of a Thermostatic Control Valve (TCV) is to regulate the temperature of water before it reaches your sink or bathtub faucet. A TCV ensures constant temperature of water by blending hot water with cold water to prevent scalding or thermal shock. There are circumstances where inlet temperature and pressure are inconsistent and pose potential danger to a bather.  Responding to these variations in temperature and pressure is the only way to ensure maximum bather safety
Dual Drain.
The dual drains make the process of getting out of the tub a much faster process. The dual drains allow the tub to drain in approximately 80 seconds opposed to 15 minutes with a conventional 1 and half inch drain system.

Hydro Massage Jets.
Hydro massage jets pull in the bathwater and then blow it back out at strategically place locations. Hydro jets tend to be a higher pressure massage than air jets allowing for a deeper massage into the problem areas. At Yes Home Services we offer the option of adjustable hydro jets. These jets allow the user to change the flow rate of the jets which in turn can change the intensity of the massage. Greater customization makes for greater relaxation.


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