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Why do I need new Siding?

Siding for most people is meant to beautify one’s home. All though it does do just that it also does so much more.
Vinyl siding helps with wood rot by shedding water away from the home. This allows for the homes structure to
stay in tack much longer keeping ceilings from cracking and bugs getting in the home. Just for example.
What kind of siding is best for me?

There are many types of siding on the market today. The most commonly used are:

All have their Pros and Cons.

Aluminium last for long time due to it being a metal product. Unfortunately it dents easily, paint fades and cracks.

Wood is one of the most beautiful sidings on the market, but it is the shortest lasting siding on the market as well.
With it being made of wood it can decay from the elements. Some wood siding can need attention as soon as 5
years if you don’t maintain the product. (New paint or sealer)

Cement is the most durable longest lasting siding on the market. Although it has the rougher look due to the fact
that it is cement. It is also one of the most expensive sidings on the market today.

Vinyl siding is made to mimic wood siding and its looks. It comes in many shapes and sizes and can also mimic
cultured stone and brick.

The main thing that you have to pay attention to with vinyl siding is the quality and thickness. There are many
different levels of vinyl siding. A good mid-grade to high end vinyl siding will last for well over 30 to 40 years. It
will be durable to dents and won’t rot due to the fact it is vinyl. On the other hand low end vinyl siding can crack
and fade.

How long does Siding Take?

Putting a time period on siding is very hard. There are a lot of variables with siding. But for an average
job with siding on the walls with trim and soffit, it can take anywhere from a week to two weeks depending on the
extensiveness of the job. A simple trim and soffit job can take as few as a couple of days.

When siding is rushed it can have a lot of problems no matter the product being used. So the best job takes
time just like most other home improvements.

Siding is something that you do for many years to come. The last thing you want to have to do is replace it
a few years after you have it done.

How do I get my siding job started?

By calling Yes Home Services and having one of our representatives out to measure up and give you a free estimate on your new siding project.

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